Eyelet Hem Skirt


Yay!  I finished another item for the girl’s American Girl dolls.  This is an A-line skirt with a ridged eyelet border at the hem.  It is worked in the round from the waistband  down to the hem.

Needles: US3 (circular or DPNs)
Yarn: fingering weight sock yarn (pictured in Plymouth Sockotta) 200 yards
Gauge: 7 sts/inch
Additional supplies needed: 10.5 inches of 1/4″ wide elastic, needle and thread, safety pin

LLinc: Left-leaning Lifted Increase. Insert your left needle, from front to back, under the left leg of the stitch two rows below the stitch just knit. Knit into the back of this stitch.

RLinc: Right-leaning Lifted Increase. Insert your right needle, from front to back, under the right leg of the stitch below the first stitch on the left needle. Transfer this stitch to your left needle and knit into the front of it.

**Increase round:  k1, LLinc, knit to one stitch before center of round, RLinc, sl marker, k1, LLinc, knit to one stitch before end of round, RLinc, k1.

CO 76 stitches leaving a 6-8″ yarn tail

Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist


knit 5 rounds
purl 1 round
knit 4 rounds
next round: [Insert tip of left needle into st of CO edge which is directly behind first st on needle, k this st together with first stitch on needle] to last 8 sts; k to end. This leaves an opening for elastic to be inserted.

Body of skirt:

knit 4 rounds, being sure to mark beginning of round and center of round.
work one increase round**
(repeat these 5 rounds 4 more times)

knit 8 rounds
work one increase round**
(repeat these 9 rounds once more)

Ridged eyelet border:

round 1 – purl
round 2 – knit
round 3 – (k2tog, yo) to end
round 4 – knit
round 5 – purl
rounds 6-8 – knit
round 9 – purl
round 10 – knit
round 11 – (k2tog, yo) to end
round 12 – knit

Bind off purlwise

Block to open up the lace and get rid of any slight rolling.

Use a safety pin to run the elastic through the waistband. Overlap the ends about 1/2″ and sew together making sure the elastic is not twisted.  Use the yarn tail from CO to sew casing closed.


November 28, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Knitting, patterns.


  1. Sally Robertson replied:

    Very Cute! Love the way it fits!

  2. Altadena replied:

    it is so beautiful and fits perfectly, love it!!
    Love the stripes 🙂

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