Holiday Shrug

Well, it’s that time of year – I’ve taken the easy way out the past few years but this year I did something I have always loved doing – Making my daughter’s Christmas dress.

My 10 year old daughter is getting much more opinionated about her fashion style.  With the insistence that it not be “poofy” we searched through the pattern books and realized that there are very few dressy dress patterns in her size.  We managed to find only one that, with the right fabric, would work for Christmas, but it’s sleeveless – not a good choice for December in New England.

It was fun watching Maya choose fabric for her dress.  She’s still learning how different fabrics behave,  but she has a good eye and chose a burgundy polyester shantung and a black sequined mesh for an overlay.  I had to talk her out of a gorgeous flocked taffeta because I knew it wouldn’t drape the way she wanted.  Even though I would have loved it, I wasn’t about to spend the time and money making a dress that she wouldn’t wear because it didn’t match the image in her head.

Because of the bare shoulders, I was also asked for some sort of knit shrug and she chose Vanna’s Glamour yarn in platinum. It doesn’t feel as soft knit up as it does in the skein, but it is still nice and has a lovely, subtle, twinkly sparkle; Perfect for a girl who loves anything glittery.

The shrug starts with a rectangle, is partially seamed at the sides to create armholes, and stitches are picked up for a ribbed sleeve cuff.

Tips for resizing

* The ribbing section must have a multiple of 4+2 stitches
* The knotted openwork must have a multiple of 3 stitches.
* When changing the number of stitches cast on or the gauge, the decrease/increase rows will not be the same as what I have here…decrease/increase as evenly across the row as possible.
* The edge of the knotted openwork section is what becomes the opening for the sleeve…work this section until it is the same measurement as the circumference of the upper arm.

Knotted Openwork Girl’s Shrug

yarn: Vanna’s Glamour – 400 yards (2 skeins…had enough to make the matching doll shrug with what was left over)
needles: US5, US9
gauge: 24 stitches/4 inches on smaller needles in stockinette,
17 sts/4 inches on larger needles in knotted openwork
size: 10/12, 18″ doll size instructions below

*new*-  notes on how to modify to girl’s size 6 (below size 10/12 instructions)

knotted openwork stitch pattern:
row 1 – k2, *yo, k3, with left needle lift and pass the 1st of the 3 stitches just knitted over the last 2, rep from * to last st, k1
row 2 – purl
row 3 – k1, *k3, with left needle lift and pass the 1st of the 3 stitches just knitted over the last 2, yo, rep from * to last 2 sts, k2
row 4 – purl

Size 10/12:

Cast on 146 sts (on size 5 needles)

Work 3 inches of 2×2 rib (beginning and ending right side rows with k2)

Decrease round: (RS)
Switch to size 9 needles
k1, *[k2tog, k1] 8 times, [k2tog, k2] 3 times, repeat from * to last stitch, k1 (102 sts)

Purl one row then work 9 inches in knotted openwork stitch

Increase round: (RS)
Switch to size 5 needles
k1, *[kfb, k1] 8 times, [kfb, k2] 3 times,  repeat from * to last stitch, k1 (146 sts)

Work 3 inches of 2×2 rib (beginning and ending right side rows with k2)

Bind off in pattern.

Fold the rectangle in half lining up the cast on edge and the bind off edge.

Seam up the sides of the ribbing.

Pick up and knit 56 stitches around armhole.  Work 2 inches of 2×2 ribbing in the round. Bind off in pattern.

Repeat with second sleeve.

*new  sizing info*  Someone asked me how to modify this for a girl’s size 6 and I thought I should post it here as well.   I would make the rectangle 20 inches wide instead of 24 inches (at the same gauge, I’d cast on 122 sts and decrease to 84 sts for the knotted openwork section. Work the knotted openwork until it measures the same as your daughter’s upper arm circumference (probably about 8”) and then increase back to 122 sts. Seam, and pick up 48 stitches for the sleeves)

I haven’t knit that size, but that’s what my math says 🙂  I’d love to hear how it works.

18″ doll size:

The basic construction/gauge is the same as the child size.

CO 42 sts

Work 10 rows of 2×2 ribbing, beginning and ending with k2

Switch to size 9 needles
k1, *k2tog, k1, k2tog, k2  repeat from * to last 6 stitches (k2tog, k1)twice (30 sts)

Work 4.5 inches of knotted openwork

Switch to size 4 needles
k1, *kfb, k1, kfb, k2 repeat from * to last 4 sts, (kfb, k1) twice (42 sts)

The next row is a WS row, (p2, k2) to end, last 2 sts are p2
work 8 more rows of 2×2 rib

Bind off in pattern.

Fold in half (lining up cast on and bind off edges) and seam up the sides of the ribbing.

Pick up and knit 24 stitches around armhole.  work 10 rounds of 2×2 ribbing. Bind off in pattern.  Repeat with other sleeve.

Merry Christmas!


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Lacy Flouncy Skirt

I’m back on the Project Yarnway wagon!  It’s the finale and we have to put together a collection of 5 items by the end of February.  This is the first item I have finished, though one more item is nearly complete.

I’m so pleased with this doll skirt that I’m thinking about making it in my size 🙂

needles: US7, US9
gauge: 11sts/2 inches
yarn: worsted (10 ply) – less than 200 yards (shown in Patons Classic Wool)
size: 18″ doll

other materials needed: 10.5 inches of 1/4″ wide elastic, safety pin, stitch markers

LLinc: Left-leaning Lifted Increase. Insert your left needle, from front to back, under the left leg of the stitch two rows below the stitch just knit. Knit into the back of this stitch.

RLinc: Right-leaning Lifted Increase. Insert your right needle, from front to back, under the right leg of the stitch below the first stitch on the left needle. Transfer this stitch to your left needle and knit into the front of it.

ssk: Slip next 2 stitches one at a time as if to knit.  Insert the left needle into the fronts of these two stitches and knit them together.

Errata (fixed 1/12/11):  In written out lace instructions rounds 9 and 11…it should end with yo, k4, yo, k1 in both instances.

CO 60
Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist

rounds 1-4 – Knit
round 5 – purl (this will be the fold line for the waistband)
rounds 6-8 – knit
round 9 – [Insert tip of left needle into first st of CO edge which is directly behind first st on needle, k this st together with first stitch on needle] to last 8 sts; k to end. This leaves an opening for elastic to be inserted.

knit 4 rounds, marking center of round and end of round
next round – k2, LLinc, k26, RLinc, k2, sl marker, k2, RLinc, k26, LLinc, k2

repeat these 5 rounds 2 more times (72 stitches)

knit without increasing until skirt is 4.5  inches long (on last round place stitch markers every 9 stitches to mark pattern repeat)

switch to larger needles

round 1 – *k2, yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, k3  rep from * to end of round
round 2 (and all even rounds) – knit
round 3 – *yo, k1, yo, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 rep from * to end of round
round 5 – *yo, k1, yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k1 rep from *
round 7 – *yo, k4, yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, k4, yo, k1 rep from *
round 9 – *yo, k4, yo, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, yo, k4, yo, k1 rep from *
round 11 – *yo, k4, yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k4, yo, k1 rep from *
round 12 – knit

Here is the chart for the lace repeat that is written out above:

Bind off

Use a safety pin to run the elastic through the waistband. Overlap the ends about 1/2″ and sew together making sure the elastic is not twisted.  Use the yarn tail from CO to sew casing closed.

Block to open up the lace. I placed it in this position, pinned and steam blocked the hem:

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‘Tis the Season

I love Christmas. I love all the lights and decorations, the handmade ornaments, the cookies and cakes, and the television specials.

We went to a friend’s home for a tree-trimming party. I thought they had a fabulous idea – they pulled out all their ornaments and let the children decorate the tree. It was so much fun to watch! As always I had my camera with me and in between taking pictures of the action I stopped to take a couple of shots of the table which held the decorations and the sweets. This was my favorite photo of the day.

I used a fixed 20mm lens and got in really close.  I wish I had brought a tripod with me since there wasn’t a whole lot of light and it required a long shutter speed.  Until I got home and saw it full size I was afraid that the camera shook and the photo was horribly blurry.  The focus isn’t 100%, but overall I’m pleased with it.  It definitely feels like Christmas and makes me feel happy 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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