April Review

April has come and gone.  It was a super busy month for me, but I have my photo mosaic to share.  I haven’t done much knitting, but I have a skirt pattern in the works.  It will be a child’s skirt written for sizes 7-14. I’m about to start knitting the sample, and hope to work the kinks out in the next month or so.  I’m being really indecisive about the yarn to use.  I want a basic, easy care yarn that will block well.  I’m thinking about Cascade 220, but not sure if I should use superwash or not. Decisions, decisions….


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59 Days

I’ve completed the second month of my project 365 challenge.  The cold weather and snow kept me inside quite a bit, but I think I got some great shots anyway (eh…and some not so great shots too)


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One Month Down…

I have challenged myself to use my camera each and every day this year. My first month is complete and so far the project is a lot of fun. It has been interesting to see how this has changed how I look at the world. I’m noticing things more. I tend to do a lot of close up shots, but I’m going to push myself and try different styles and techniques.

Here is a thumbnail mosaic of January. Clicking on it will take you to my Shuttercal.com page where you can see the full size photos if you like:

If you have a favorite photography/photoshop tutorial or technique I’d love to hear about it!

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‘Tis the Season

I love Christmas. I love all the lights and decorations, the handmade ornaments, the cookies and cakes, and the television specials.

We went to a friend’s home for a tree-trimming party. I thought they had a fabulous idea – they pulled out all their ornaments and let the children decorate the tree. It was so much fun to watch! As always I had my camera with me and in between taking pictures of the action I stopped to take a couple of shots of the table which held the decorations and the sweets. This was my favorite photo of the day.

I used a fixed 20mm lens and got in really close.  I wish I had brought a tripod with me since there wasn’t a whole lot of light and it required a long shutter speed.  Until I got home and saw it full size I was afraid that the camera shook and the photo was horribly blurry.  The focus isn’t 100%, but overall I’m pleased with it.  It definitely feels like Christmas and makes me feel happy 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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Snapshot of Spring

With the warm weather came outdoor fun with the kids and some great photo opportunities.  I just wanted to share my favorite photo of the day.

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